Go Henry Promo Code – AFUKGR2F – 2 MONTHS FREE

go henry card

Let’s face it everyone loves a bargain. There is nothing better than booking your favourite restaurant, then trawling the internet to find yourself a promo code or coupon for buy one, get one free on main meals. Use promo code AFUKGR2F to get 2 months free on Go Henry or click sign up below.


I love a good bargain too so and when there is a Go Henry promo code made available, we will put it on this section of the site. Whilst we don’t have a Go Henry promo code for you to use at the moment, there is a very generous offer and we are not sure how long it will last.

Sign up today and you will get 2 MONTHS FOR FREE. Go Henry is now £2.99 per month, so that is a saving of over £5 and gives you the perfect opportunity to work out if Go Henry is right for you.

More About GoHenry

Kids learn how to budget with the GoHenry prepaid debit card and app, and they grow in their understanding of the difference between wants and needs as a result of spending wisely. Real-time updates, customisable controls, and other features allow parents to assist their children in their development.

Kids are constantly learning about personal finance through the use of their own card, tasks, and Money Missions. Toggle parental controls on and off as you see fit; you’ll also receive instant notifications every time your children spend money.

You can read our full GoHenry Review to find out more.