Go Henry Refer A Friend

I am a big fan of refer a friend offers. It's one of the best things that the internet can be used for. There are coupon codes galore that can get you all kinds of discounts on products and services. You just need to spend a little time Googling in order to take advantage of them.

Over the years, spending an extra couple of minutes looking for a coupon code or referrals has saved me hundreds if not thousands of pounds. 


Go Henry has an amazing offer, sign up to Go Henry
through our website and you will get 4 MONTHS FREE

We have a great offer on this website for those of you that are still unsure if Go Henry is the right choice for you. You can get 4 MONTHS for FREE, which removes all the risk of signing up. You can try it until your heart is content and then if you unhappy with it, or it's not working out for you, then you can cancel the service.

We have been Go Henry users as a family for over a year now and it's worked wonders for us. Our kids have the ability to have some financial freedom, learning to manage their money on a debit card, monitor their spending through a smartphone app, but still having some parental controls in place.

Having a Debit Card doesn't have to be all grown up and boring though. There is the ability to customise the card to allow your child to inject a bit of personality into it. There are many difference colours and style available for you to chose from.

Once the trial is over the card is charges at £2.49 per month. Which considering all the features that are available is amazing.



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