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Osper Review

Osper Review – A Debit Card With A Difference

Are you looking to teach your children financial responsibility and the value of money? The Osper debit card and smartphone app can help! Most parents are looking for something that will enable them to easily and quickly put the right system in place.


Also, something that is easy to use with minimal effort and fuss is a huge consideration. For most parents, security ranks high on the list of priorities. In this Osper debit card review, we put it to the test to see if this exciting new resource is a help or a hindrance to parents and their kids.

Osper Review

The Main Features

  • Easy to sign up and the card arrives in a couple of days
  • Regular, easy to do, free card top-up
  • Secure PIN for your child or teen
  • Secure balance checks for your child or teen
  • Deactivate the card using the app if it is lost or stolen.
  • Secure app to control the card and management for parents

What Is It & Why Do I Need It?

Osper is a debit card and smartphone app that is aimed at parents with children between the ages of 8 and 18. I first came across Osper when I was looking to fix a problem with pocket money that we had. It’s a problem that not only we as a family have, but most of our friends with kids our age seem to have. How do you have a safe, secure, easy to use system, that allows me to regularly ‘pay’ my children their weekly allowance?

Consistency is key!

The problem is this, if my kids are to learn the value of money then I need to be consistent in giving them their pocket money. It’s no good if one week they get it and another week they don’t. It’s no good when we go to the supermarket that on one day they can have the treats that they want, then the following day, I insist it comes out of their pocket money. This just leads to confusion and mixed messages.

I was compelled to write this Osper review because systems like Osper take the inconsistency away from pocket money. As an adult, I pay my bills by regular standing order or Direct Debit. This means I don’t have the gas supplier chasing me. Osper does the same for pocket money. My kids probably won’t chase me for the money like the gas supplier does. Instead, they will catch me on the back foot and get the things they want by stealth. I realise in all probability it is my fault they don’t have their pocket money so I have to stump up.

Osper allows me as a parent to set up a regular amount of money that will be transferred onto my child’s debit card.

How easy is it to sign up? 

Really easy! To sign up just visit their website and fill in a quick form. The following will arrive in the post within a few days:

Osper Card - Welcome pack

Is Osper Safe?

The Osper debit card has all the features that you would normally get with a bank account. These include a PIN number and a smartphone app for checking your balance.

Osper also offers the following as well:

  • Ability to instantly block the card using a smartphone or tablet app.
  • Smartphone or tablet alert everytime the card is used.
  • Block online spending using a smartphone or tablet app.
  • A username and password for parents to top up the card.
  • A username and password for each child to check their balance.
  • A history of spending on the account.

I have to say, some of the features like blocking the card, smartphone and tablet alerts when the card is used, would be perfect add-ons to my traditional bank account.

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